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Weather forecast for shipping 221900 UTC


Strong wind advisory:

Sea of Bothnia, Quark and Southern Bay of Bothnia

North to northeast wind 11 m/s.

Strong wind advisory:

Gulf of Finland, Northern Sea of Bothnia, Quark, Bay of Bothnia and Lake Saimaa

Thunderstorm wind gusts.


Intensive high southeast of Finland. Low over Southern Sweden moving slowly northeast towards Gulf of Bothnia.

Forecast for next 24 hours:

Gulf of Finland

Southeast 4-8 m/s. At night south to southwest 2-6. In the morning becoming east to southeast. Mainly good vis, from south rain and thundery showers.

Eastern Northern Baltic and Sea of Archipelago

Variable 2-6 m/s. From the morning mainly north, in the afternoon 4-8 m/s. Mostly good vis.

Western Northern Baltic and Sea of Åland

Becoming north to northwest 6-10 m/s. Mostly good vis.

Sea of Bothnia, Quark and Southern Bay of Bothnia

North to northeast 7-11 m/s. At night somewhat decreasing, in the morning in Quark and over Southern Bay of Bothnia up to 11 again. Showers and thunder.

Northern Bay of Bothnia

North to northwest 4-8 m/s. Towards night hours north. In the morning northeast 6-10. Rain and thundery showers.

Lake Saimaa

Mainly south 5-8 m/s.From the night on 1-4. In the afternoon possibly rain and thundery showers.

            *********** end shipping forecast *************    

direct choise of an other area:
--> Sweden-Northeast:
Bjuröklubb - Skagsudde
Skagsudde - Kuggören
Kuggören - Örskär
Örskär - Söderarm
--> Sweden-East:
Söderarm - Sandhamn
Sandhamn - Landsort
Gotlands farvatten
Landsort - Häradsskär
Häradsskär - Oskarshamn
Oskarshamn - Utklippan
--> Sweden-South:
Utklippan - Hanö
Hanö - Sandhammaren
Sandhammaren - Falsterbo
--> Sweden-West:
Falsterbo - Hallands Väderö
Hallands Väderö - Nidingen
Nidingen - Måseskär
Måseskär - Nordkoster
     --> lakes(inland ):
Dalbosjön (Vänern)
Värmlandssjön (Vänern)

around Bornholm :     Østersøen omkring Bornholm     
Sund & Belt :     bælthavet og sundet     
Kattegat :     Kattegat     
Skagerrak :     Skagerrak     
Fisher :     Fisker     
German Bight :     Tyske Bugt     
Western Baltic Sea :     Vest Østersø     
five days forecast :     Fem døgns udsigter     
DMI Western Baltic
The Danish West Baltic weather
(text with advertisement pictures!)
     which would also include links
to the other Danish sail-areas.
DMI several days forecast
Danish 5 day forecast
(text with advertisement pictures!)
     which would also include links
to the other Danish sail-areas.
DMI Danish sailing weather
various wind and current images.
(with pictures, so extra Mb !)
     Denmark and the Baltic
-->Åland :     local weather Åland
+the Finnish sea weather
     Hammarland, Lemland, Geta, and
-->Finland-West :     local weather Finland-West
+the Finnish sea weather
     Pori, Rauma, Uusikaupunki, and
-->Finland-NWest :     local weather Finland-NWest
+the Finnish sea weather
     Kemi, Oulu, Raahe, and
Kokkola, Vaasa
-->Finland-South :     local weather Finland-Zuid
+the Finnish sea weather
     Hanko, Helsinki, Kotka
sea weather Finland :     the Finnish sea weather      in mere text. 
FMI Finnish Baltic Sea
Finland's Baltic Sea weather
(with picture ~ 1.5 Mb !)
     animated pictures, wind.
(to stop the animation, you move the cursor itself on one of the hourlines )
Norwegian sailing weather :     Smabat tekstvarsel      in mere text.
-->Local weather reports for trips by
trip from Holl-wad to
:     Texel-Norderney      Texel, Ameland, Lauwersoog, and
Delfzijl, Borkum, Norderney.
trip from German-wad to
:     Norderney-Cuxhaven      Norderney, Langeoog, Wangeroog, and
Cuxhaven, Helgoland.
trip from Holtenau to
:     Holtenau-Vordingborg      Holtenau, Fehmarn, Bagenkop, and
Spodsbjerg, Femø, Vordingborg.
trip from Denmark to
:     Vordingborg-Ystad      Vordingborg, Nyord, Fakse Bugt, and
Falstebrorev, Ystad.
trip Fehmarn to
:     Fehmarn-Gdansk      Fehmarn, Rügen, Kołobrzeg, and
Ustka, Gdańsk.
trip Polen to
:     Gdansk-Riga      Gdańsk, Ventspils, Kolkasrags, and
trip Letland to
:     Kolkasrags-Tallinn      Kolkasrags, Kärdla, Haapsalu, and
trip Den Helder to
:     DenHelder-Calais      Den Helder, IJmuiden, Hoek v Holland, and
Vlissingen, Blankenberge, Calais.
trip Calais to
:     Calais-Hull      Calais, Dover, Ramsgate, Ipswich and
Lowstoft, River Orwell, Hull.
trip Kopenhagen to
:     København-Kristiansand      Kopenhagen, Helsingborg, Grenå, Frederikshavn and
Skagen, Arendal, Kristiansand.
trip Kristiansand to
:     Kristiansand-Oslo      Kristiansand, Tvedestrand, Langesund, Tønsberg and
Holmestrand, Drøbak, Oslo.
trip Oslo to
:     Oslo-Göteborg      Oslo, Drøbak, Frederikstad, Skjaerhalden and
Lysekil, Göteborg, Varberg.
***** Coasts of Norway
(the original Norwegian site)
     directly to
1. Marine weather :     Seewetterbericht Nord- Ostsee      text;+3days-,+medium-term Weather
2. Coast :     Küstenwetter      text;+Marine-,+medium-term Weather
3. Wind :     Windvorhersage      text;+Marine-, +3days Weather
4. 3days Marine forecast :     Seewetter 3 Tage      text;+medium-term Weather
5. medium-term Weather :     Mittelfristseewetter      text;
DWD Marine Weather
Seewetter 3 Tage Ostsee
Seewetter 3 Tage Nordsee
(the original DWD site)
     which includes the links to Wind,
Coast-, 3days and medium-term Weather.
KNMI Marine Weather :     Scheepsweerbericht      KNMI Marine Weather + Dutch medium-term Weather
Dutch sailing weather :     Marifoon weerbericht      Dutch sailing weather + Dutch medium-term Weather
KNMI Dutch coast :     Dutch sailing weather      the Dutch weather
containing links to the general KNMI more days forecast.

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