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On behalf of the layout there is after the input field often an example between brackets.
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Fields traveller
Note: if you're already a user (acquaintance of) you have to indicate on the first line that you now become a traveller.
Acquaintance becomes traveller
Yes No
Choose whether you were a user(acquaintance) before or you become a completely new user now:
an acquaintance should give in login name and email address.
User-identification with (login name, Min 6 chars): * (johndo) This is your login name, no spaces!
Password (Min 4 chars, max 15): * (xy555ab) Remember what you enter! no spaces!
Repeat Password: *
Your Email Address:

* (
_This address is only visible to users who sign up later as an acquaintance of yourself.
_other travellers can only indirectly (through this application) get emails with your return address.
Your First and Last Name:    (John Doe)
Your birth year:    (1944)
Mobilenr on the road    (+44655110022)
User Profile

4 lines max 85 pos

_Here you can describe your travel experience and territories.
Own Website or Weblog:    (
WaypointsGPS software: Select: Yes No
Short-Weather user: Select: Yes No
Nopoints user: Select: Yes No
Categories of transportmedium(vehicle)
Think of a ship, bicycle, car(with trailer) or 'shank's pony'(walker/hiker) by which you usually make your travel.
The category names are now focused on a ship, but you can also fill in for another vehicle.
The system maintains only 1 standard transport vehicle per traveller, but for each trip and track you can choose another vehicle.
1st Transport vehicle: kies: Ship Caravan Bicycle shank's pony *
_after registration you can log in and give each stage another vehicle.
The name of your vessel/journey vehicle: * (Another Yacht)
Brand & type:    (Bavaria 35)
Year:    (1972)
Length:    (10.81 m)
Width:    (3.63 m)
Draft:    (1.95 m)
Categories: home or starting location(home base)
Think of the starting location in relation with your travel vehicle (ship, bicycle, car(with trailer) or 'shank's pony').
The category names are directed to a harbour, but you can also fill in for another starting location(hotel, camping, house).
You are not required to give a start location.
To determine the Lat and Lon of your starting location you can use window: Cycling Window . Move the map to your start location, zoom in, right-click on your location, and copy the cursor lat/lng coordinates.
Your start location:    (London)
_ Your start location is only recorded when the you enter a Lat and Lon.
Country start location:    (United Kingdom)
Lat-start location: choose possibly an other format:

default = -gg.hhhhhh
Your Lat and Lon have to be in the chosen format!
 Input format

   (52.12666 and -52.12666 for S )
Lon-start location
   (0.06777 and -4.06777 for W )
Description :
!Overwrite this section:
max 4 lines 85 pos

example profile: medium lively harbour with free Internet.
of the start-location
if necessary, update in the facilities text box the 2nd line; replace the ? by y, or by a number (max 3 pos).

Explanation of the abbreviations for the harbour facilities
Start location Website:    (
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